Lost Springs Farm got nicknamed "The Second Chance Ranch" because of all the special animals and people that they have helped over the years.  Most of the animals that have a home at Lost Springs Farm are throwaway animals that are unique because of their special needs! They are animals that were going to be euthanized if they hadn't gotten a home at the Second Chance Ranch! Farm owner Dana Price says they each are very special because they have overcome obstacles to enjoy life everyday. Stilts the Easter Chicken that was born without feet had to learn to get around on her drumsticks and wings to meet her daily needs.
Funny Face and Leo are two cats that have neurologic disorders that make it difficult to ambulate, eat or drink.  But they have adapted and wander all over the farm each day playing. Arthur Valdez "Papa Chico" is one of the many people that farm owner Dana Price has taken in and helped get back up on their feet again.  Papa was a homeless vietnam veteran that Dana found living in a culvert when she went to get feed one day. He has gotten a second chance at life because Dana offered him a helping hand and a family that loves him.

Papa Chico and Stilts!
Templeton "Oreo Thief "
Motherless Bottle Kittens
Precious Tigger Hides for Halloween!
Allie Reassures Lacey "A Blind Horse," About Her New Home!
Madison Kisses Stallone who Suffers From a Neurologic Disorder!
Our program has grow so much over the years that we needed to look at becoming a non-profit organization to keep our Rescue and Barn Buddies Programs going!  We hope that you will continue to follow our good works at
www.stablecompanions.com. Our new website will be strickly for our rescue animals and our special needs individuals that participate in the Barn Buddies Program. Please help us to continue helping all of them by donating to our 501 (c)3 program. Thank you for all of your continued support and prayers!!